Treatment Concept

Our work focuses on the fields of fertility, endometriosis and other problems affecting women of childbearing age.

Every woman, couple, and cause of infertility is different and the approach to finding a solution should be equally individual and flexible. We do not work according to rigid and inflexible treatment plans, but instead are open to tailored and more gentle forms of treatment.

We place great importance on making the course of treatment as comfortable as possible. We offer a welcoming practice environment and perfect organisation alongside empathetic care and medical supervision of the highest level. We offer the full range of modern fertility treatments.

Furthermore, our practice offers alternatives to the common “standard treatments”. Alongside conventional treatment strategies, we therefore offer forms of treatment that largely avoid the use of hormonal stimulation (e.g., Mini IVF, Modified Natural Cycle IVF). Treatment without the need for medication is also possible in certain cases.

Our physicians, biologists, nurses and laboratory team have trained for years to be able to successfully meet the challenges they are faced with, and they continue to undergo further training.

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